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Addition of a voting feature in 'Extension:StructuredDiscussions'



This is a kind of a Feature Request .
I am working on a MediaWiki project.
I have installed the Extension:StructuredDiscussions on my wiki & it is working sucessfully.
If it is possible, i want to have a voting feature in ‘Extension:StructuredDiscussions’, so that users can vote the replies of other users & the total score appears.(like in ‘Extension:Comments’).

Maybe this can be done by integration of ‘Extension:StructuredDiscussions’ with ’ Extension:VoteNY ’ …?

Please add this feature or guide me.!


Green vote box of Extension:VoteNY–>


Wikimedia seems to be taking a different direction with discussions, so this is unlikely to happen unless you do it yourself. You could try asking for a mentor on the extension talk page.