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After upgrading to 1.33.1, the "l10n_cache" table is 783M, what is the problem?

I just upgraded my website from 1.27.1 to 1.33.1, then size of the database reached over 800M, but my site is definitely not so big, I just checked the “l10n_cache” table alone is 783M, so what is the function of this table? how to

reduce it?

l10n_cach is localization cache, used especially if wgCacheDirectory is not set or not writable.

The table definitely should not have anywhere near that many rows on a normal wiki.

It occurs after this upgrading on Monday afternoon, so could I deleted all the contents within it? I found this link:

I just truncate the table, and the website functions well, and the size of the “I10n_cache” table is 0, then now : 6,454 rows, [2.5 MiB]
I’d trace and see how quickly it grows.