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Block API-Client / How to contact Wikipedia-ActionApi operators

In 2016 I wrote a small Android app, that is making use of the Wikipedia ActionApi.
Due to legal considerations I am currently trying to take down the app.
It’s not available any more in the Google PlayStore, but there are still installations out there.
That’s why I want to make these installations unusable by deactivating all backend services, that the app is using.
Unfortunately the app is (partially) directly communicating with wikipedia servers and not via a proxy under my control.
The app sends a special User-Agent HTTP header with every request to identify itself.

Is there any way for the Wikipedia-Api team to block requests from this app?
Who would I contact?

Thanks for your help!

I think its unlikely the api team would honour such a request, but you could try mediawiki-api mailing list:

Thanks for the hint!
Best regards!