Cant clone the repositories



Hi all, I’m having troubles cloning this repository and every other repo and I’ve tried $ git clone ssh:// but I get error message fatal: could not create work tree dir ‘examples’: Permission denied .


Presumably the user didi does not exist. Either register it or clone anonymously. The repo page has sample commands.


Thanks for the response.
i have already registered the username didi but it is still not working. I have also tried to clone it anonymously but it keeps giving the same error fatal: could not create work tree dir 'core': Permission denied Here is a picture of my username didi which is registered


Sorry, I replied without reading in full. fatal: could not create work tree dir ‘XXX’: Permission denied is a client-side problem: you are trying to clone but you don’t have write permissions for the directory you are cloning into.


How can I get write permissions for the directory? I am trying to apply to be an intern in this organisation for outreachy. I want to work on this project
but I dont know if I am taking the right steps. Kindly help me out with that


Something like chmod u+w <directory> (where u+w stands for “writable to the user who owns it”) but it’s probably easier if you just do the cloning in your home directory.


It is working now. Thank you so much for your help.


Are you sure that your local user account on your machine has write permissions for the local folder/directory on your machine in which you want to save the clone of the git repository?

Edit: Ignore this comment - I obviously did not scroll down to the bottom of this page to see that the problem is already solved.