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Custom loading MediaWiki skinScripts



I’m about to set up some custom js and css using something like this in LocalSettings.php, from here:

$wgResourceModules['zzz.customizations'] = array(
    'styles' => "skin.css", // Stylesheet to be loaded in all skins
    // Custom styles to apply only to Vector skin. Remove if you don't use it
    'skinStyles' => array(
        'vector' => 'skin-vector.css',
    // End custom styles for vector
    'scripts' => "skin.js", // Script file to be loaded in all skins
    'localBasePath' => "$IP/customizations/",
    'remoteBasePath' => "$wgScriptPath/customizations/"

function efCustomBeforePageDisplay( &$out, &$skin ) {
    $out->addModules( array( 'zzz.customizations' ) );

This code shows a custom css that’s loaded only for the vector skin, and another that’s always loaded. I want to do the same with with the javascript, that is load a js file that’s only for the vector skin as will as one that is always loaded.

I see from that documentation ($wgResourceModules) that skinScripts is supported, but I don’t know how it would fit into the above code. Could anyone show me how to modify the above code to make that happen? Thanks.


Replace skinStyles with skinScripts and skin-vector.css with skin-vector.js.