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Hi everyone. I have made a native GTK+ Wikidata Editor called Daty thanks to a sponsorship by Wikimedia CH. At the moment I am being hosted by GNOME project due to similar points of view. In any case, should the project have a project page for bug report or something else on phabricator?


Not sure about phabricator, but it needs to be added under


Setting it up. Taking notes:

  • Need to be clarified which permissions are needed for bot password
  • Search works strange: I want to look for “Kariņš”, but it types “Karińś” (looking for current prime minister of Latvia)
  • Some of UI decisions seem to be confusing a little.

But it seems to be a good start, as we need more ways to edit and native Wikidata UI is very bare.


Thank you for your feedback! About the points you made:

  • adding to Issues list;
  • at the moment free text search is just parsing English Wikidata free text search, so it is finding the Kariņš’ english labels; preferred languages support (ordered by priority), is being progressively added through the application while parsing all entities data (time and location will require separate widgets); I got the costraint search working at the project presentation but I am rewriting it at the moment.
  • Can you tell me more about those? Did you already see the mockups?


Hi! Thanks for your work!

It is up to you where you would like to host its code and manage its bugs and feature requests. :slight_smile:

If GNOME Gitlab works for you feel free to continue using it; if you prefer Wikimedia Git/Gerrit and Phabricator for issue tracking, see and