Wikimedia Developer Support Vs mediawiki-discourse

Are both of these sites going to continue and live side by side?
Or can we expect to seem this site sucked into this new discuss space?

I reckon merging these two into the new one would be good (if that’s possible).

This topic is also discussed at

I don’t think this site needs to be merged into the other one, to me it has a pretty clear and separate purpose.

This instance accepts Github login, and we have Google login somewhere in the pipeline (T185961). IMO that’s useful for a support forum but would maybe be confusing for a movement forum.

I indeed feel those two instances have a different scope. This one is for developers and the discuss-space is for things related to WMF projects.

I’d say there is no rush to decide.

I believe over time it will make more sense to merge the content of this instance to Wikimedia Space, but it is just a belief that depends on many factors unknown today. For instance, I also believe that the scope of Wikimedia Space will be very wide, and many groups and communities will use it for their own purposes. But this is also just a belief today. :slight_smile:

In technical terms, the content of different Discourse instances can be merged.

wikimedia phabricator login is good enough for me

As a way to make it easier to discover other sites, I’d suggest to list them all in one page somewhere and link to it from the footer from all other relevant pages