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Djvu files: orphans to adopt?

IA recently discontinued the production of DjVu files for new book uploads; nevertheless it uses and shares _djvu.xml files containing the DjVu mapped OCR layer, and the most complex and detailed _abbyy.gz file, a compressed xml file with any possible detail about ABBYY OCR output.

As you know, DjVu is presently the most useful format used in wikisource proofreading work.

Two questions:

  1. is DjVu a file format really necessary, or al least very useful, for wikisource projects?
  2. if it is (as I think), can Mediawiki “adopt the orphan” and fastly work about any possible support for that file format?

Hi @Alex_brollo, this is not a question about how to do X but about how should Wikimedia / MediaWiki support DjVu files and even its development. I recommend you to find another venue more appropriate, like the wikitech-l mailing list or the MediaWiki-DjVu Phabricator project.

For what is worth, I have found this task about DjVu support that… wait a minute, you already participated there! :wink:

According to, DjVu support is under the responsibility of the Multimedia team. If someone knows or has to be involved in planning discussions, it must be them.

It was just a try to see if this channel can cover the djvu files issue; if it can’t, no matter, I’ll try again other channels.

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