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Email login seems enabled but isn't


When I click on login, I see a dialog with three buttons: Phab, Github, email. If I click on email I get the error message Please enter your email or username. but I don’t see anything it could be entered into.

Disabling email login is fine IMO, but the current halfway state is confusing.


Good catch! Yeah, there is something fishy there.

Agree, in this instance we can live without this feature. I have disabled it.


FWIW it was enabled because it was required (a year ago; no idea if that’s still the case) for invites to work. I don’t think we use them much though.


Ah, that makes sense. The setting is labeled enable local logins via email and of course for it to work requires that local logins are enabled, which is not the case in our instance.

Email invites are not just invites to check a page but also (and mainly) to create a local account that skips trust level 0 (because you are being invited by a community member). If local login is disabled, then the only thing to share with external users is the URL of the topic, which can be shared anyway through the Share button, which also accepts an email address to send the URL to.

No love lost.


(In theory you could invite people via their Phabricator or Github email address, it’s just not supported in Discourse (or wasn’t when I last looked; can’t find the topic now).)