Embed external Babel blocks on meta


Hello, as it was told me yesterday on #wikimedia-tech, thanks to @Platonides meta uses a extension based Babel. In the dewiki we use a template based Babel. The meta-babel has inbound MediaWiki:Babel-template, which adds a prefix (Template_$1) for all Babel blocks used with the Babel extension. I wanted now to embed external Babel blocks from the german wikipedia for example a statement against Nazis:

Babel adds the prefix and tries now:
Template:User :de:User:Torana/Vorlage:NazisRaus. That does not exist!

Is there a way (argument or something else) to bypass the prefix? If not, do you know another way how I can realize what I’ve set my mind on? Thank you


You could use Scribunto to hack up something that takes a template name as parameter and calls that template and passes the other parameters to it. Not a nice solution though.


Uff okay I give up! That’s too fussy for me :slight_smile: