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Extension:Thanks: Show number of Thanks next to a "Thank" link?

Extension:Thanks produces a ‘thanks’ link beside each comment in StructuredDiscussions a.k.a Flow.
Is it possible to show the number of ‘Thanks’ a comment received besides the ‘Thank’ link?

Can the number of ‘thanks’ be stored in a variable or in the database and can be displayed for each comment?

See T181753.

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Thank you!
But I think that task is abandoned and nobody is working on it… :frowning:

It does explain why a per-action thanks count cannot be shown, though.

Further details can be found in the main task, T51087, particularly in this comment and the one above: - TLDR: It’s very purposefully not setup to be a “+1” voting system (because that would be a totally different feature requiring a lot more thought and a lot more code). It’s just intended as a simple way to give rapid appreciation, and then get back to the task you were working on.

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