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Extract referring sentence using "what links here"

I recently started working on a wikipedia nlp project, and I am very new to mediawiki, I hope that the question is not too dumb…

I am now trying to extract sentences from other wikipedia pages that refer to a specific wikipedia entity. I know that the"what links here" tool can give me the names of those backlinks. Is there any way I can make “what links here” return the exact sentence that is referring to the entity?

For example, the entity that is referred to is Alien%20%28film%29.

The following call to API
gives me a list of wikipedia page names.

Now, I want to go to several of those pages and fetch the referring sentences.
e.g. Extract “It featured a fierce, carnivorous alien, the coeurl, stalking the crew of an exploration spaceship, and served as the inspiration for multiple science fiction movies, including Alien (1979).” from
Extract “That date was chosen by producer Alan Ladd Jr. because his previous highest-grossing films Star Wars and Alien had a similar opening date (May 25) in 1977 and 1979, making the 25th of the month his “lucky day”.” from

Is this possible?

Thanks a lot!

No, that kind of information is not stored anywhere. You’d have to do some kind of lightweight wikitext or HTML parsing yourself.

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