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Gadget wiki pages vs. list of gadgets on Special:Preferences



Many sites have pages whose page names start with “MediaWiki:Gadget-”.

There are also the pages “Special:Gadgets” and “MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition”.

Does the latter page define which gadgets are listed on “Special:Preferences”?

If yes, could there be pages whose names start with “MediaWiki:Gadget-” but are not in “MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition”, so they hence are not listed in “Special:Preferences”?

If yes, would anyone know a quick way how to find these pages? Thanks in advance!


Yes, the list is maintained manually. You can use Special:PrefixIndex/MediaWiki:Gadget- for a single wiki, a Hive or ElasticSearch query for cross-wiki. (mwgrep might help with the latter.)