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Help to Host React-apps in toolforge



I’m facing the issue to host the VideoCutTool front-end (React app) in the toolforge. So the front-end is currently hosted in (only front-end).

I found to host the back-end of this app and hosted here

I couldn’t find any documentation to host the react-front-end of this tool in toolforge, I have tried several times but :frowning:


Hey thanks for posting this. I am facing a similar issue. I tried to host a reactjs app with the nodejs server. But it is not a successful attempt ;), and even I could not find any docs related to hosting the reactjs sites. Wondering now if there is any way to host react apps there !!


Haven’t tried myself but doesn’t hosting a client-side app basically just mean putting/symlinking it into public_html?


We only have a node-specific tutorial:, and there isn’t any with React combined.
As per this tutorial, the templates are served from www/js/public/views directory, so I am guessing your React files also need to go here.

What specific issues you are facing while hosting the app? @bd808 or @Chicocvenancio might be able to help here.