How about a "Share" category?


I wonder if there should be a “Share here” category for developers to share or announce their big or small projects and that way be also able to seek help on them from contributors.


There seem to be only three categories at the moment.

  • Ask here
  • Site Feedback
  • Uncategorized


First we need to decide whether we want to go beyond the strict Q&A use case (I personally think that it is worth trying).

Then we would need to agree on the scope and name of this new category. “Share here” is a bit too vague, isn’t it? “Announcements”?


I think it’s a good idea (Discourse could take over a lot of the scope of the current mailing lists, which have, amongst others, the fundamental problem of either being vulnerable to spam and poor formatting choices or being way too restrictive in what formatting they allow) but a bit too early.


I think it sounds like a good idea!

It also ties into ideas about how best to share news about things in the MediaWiki world. At the moment, the only centralized places are the mailing lists and I think Planet Wikimedia; apart from those, there’s lots of different pages on lots of different wikis. For example, how can one follow extension update announcements?

Seems like a good fit for here, but also would be great to be able to promote people’s blogs, and maybe even give people a way to add blog posts somewhere (which could, I reckon, be as simple as a ‘News’ category here, the topic feed of which could be added to the planet).


Maybe. What would be the conditions to go ahead with this idea?


More people reading the site, I think? Right now sharing info on wikitech will probably result in many more eyes. That list has something like a hundred active posters and probably many more readers (although of course one drawback of mailing lists is that you can’t really know that number). Discourse is actually comparable in number of active users but it’s unclear yet how many of those are Wikimedia regulars and how many one-question users who won’t come back and aren’t really the intended audience of announcements.

(Also, how many people see a new topic on Discourse? On a mailing list everyone sees everything, at least in theory; here it’s less straightforward.)

Or people could just do like RazeSoldier and write to wikitech-l but CC Discourse. Magically putting posts like that into a separate category would be nice, if possible.


Actually, I wonder what exactly happened there. The email is from the mailing list server (since it has a footer) but Discourse is not subscribed to that…


Hum, the CC topic is written by me manually, manually CC. The footer is also manually added by me. Looks like real CC. :smiley:


Ah, clever.

In theory you could CC though, once T184592 is fixed.