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How do I configure extensions from a skin?



This is a very simple question I hope there is a simple answer to! How do I set the configuration values of other extensions from my own Skin’s code? Simply adding it the main php code doesn’t seem to work. How do I do this?

I’m not talking about LocalSettings.php but from the body of skin code, what is the hook that I can set the config variable say $wgEchoNotificationIcons in the Echo extension. This way I can have different configs for different skins (I’m building two skins based off Vector and would rather have the configs in skin code).


Looking at how this is authored, it doesn’t seem that it is intended to be overridden by the skin. According to the documentation of the extension, BeforeCreateEchoEvent receives this data and can override the icons. That seems like the simplest idea to me, but you might end up with having to take into account the order in which you load extensions, if you have other extensions installed that hook into this.


Thank you so much. This helped immensely!