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How to install ffmpeg in a shared server through Putty?

I want to embedded videos into my mediawiki site, and is trying extension TimedMediaHandler, after uploading the extension, the video uploaded cannot shown in [[File:Videoname.webm]], the link itself is in red text, and no thumb created.

After searched long time, seemingly the ffmpeg should be installed.

So how could I install it into my shared server through SSh in Putty? I found in its official site, but how to install it after execute:
git clone ffmpeg


This might be helpful.

If the link to the webm file is red - then something is wrong other than ffmpeg not being installed (thats probably a problem too, but the lunk should be blue regardless)

If you want to install ffmpeg from git, that probably means compiling from source. This can be a bit of an involved process if you are not familar with linux commandline. You would need a c compiler (gcc or clang) installed on the server for this to work,many web servers do not have this installed. Otherwise follow the instructions at . In a situation where you dont have root (which is your situation) you should ensure that you pass a --prefix option to ./configure that is somewhere in your home directory.

If possible i would reccomend instead to try and convince your host to install ffmpeg via the system package manager. Failing that, for people not familar with linux commandline i would reccomend trying to find some precompiled (preferably static) binaries you could transfer to the server instead of compiling yourself. E.g. like - you have to pick your platform. Amd64 is the most likely answer by a wide margin, but you can check using the uname -a command.

Hope that helps

Yes, I’m not familiar with linux commandline, that’s why I cann’t follow all those possible solutions to possibly settle it down. I’ve visited these 3 links in these two replies, still puzzled, I’d try to understand these info, but now, maybe best to consult the host provider, or I’d try Html5mediator or EmbedVideo instead, seemingly they are more easy to implement.

Thanks for your replies.

one more question, I used EmbedVideo extension, the video file Name.mp4 is uploaded, and the “thumb” function really works, the code is: [[File:Name.mp4|center|thumb]], also for Webm format.

So ffmpeg is not a necessity for mp4 format and especially for “thumb” function?

Just to clearify my last post, assuming your server is 64bit intel based (true for 95% of webservers) - the link you want is - that’s in tar xz format, which is an archive format similar to winzip (but more popular on linux). When you decompress the file, it should contain the ffmpeg program.

Probably the command you want to run on your server to download ffmpeg is [havent tested this, typos always possible]

curl | tar xvJf -

I log into my site through a Putty.

From this site:, I run this commmand: git clone ffmpeg.

So now there’s a ffmpeg directory in my site, how could I do next? It’s too complicated from here to settle it?

I searched a lot, the configuration procedure is hard to follow.