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How to translate 'blame'?



Hi all

In I find ‘blame’ offensing. To try to find the best way to translate the message, can you provide synonyms or the context of use of this term ?

Thank you.

$1 updated the blame revision for this revision.



It’s a technical term (it refers to the command ‘git blame’). I’m not sure I’d even recognize it if I saw it translated.
(Well, probably. I have no idea what a “blame revision” is; blame shows you for each row of a file which revision it comes from. Also, there is no such thing as updating a revision; they are immutable. Assuming this is talking about git revisions and not something entirely different. Where is this used?)


Apparently this is talking about patch revisions (ie. what Gerrit calls a patchset) and the edit form for patch metadata does indeed have a “blame revision” field. Still not sure what that is, probably the revision on top of which to rebase the patch before doing a blame?


(This seems to be a question for a talk page for forum and not a developer question?)


The question is linked with Phabricator code so I thought to reach here developpers dealing with its tables but all is ok. Tgr is right. I’ll check around blame command of git to guess what’s behind. Thanks all.


As I said, it’s a command to tell you which commit each line of a file comes from (ie. who was the last person who changed that line, hence “blame”).

I would just keep the word blame in English, it’s of those terms that people don’t expect to be translated and will probably have a hard time recognizing in their native language. If you really want to translate it, I would go with something like “annotate” (some VCS UIs use that) or “attribute”.


ok better to keep blame it as it is.