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I need some help with MediaWiki



What table is the contribution value stored in the database? Why can’t I find any information about the contribution value in the user table? For example, I created ten users who wrote something and got some contribution value. I need to write a page to show their ranking in my website.


Are you referencing “edit count”?


Isn’t there a contribution value in this one when you edit it?For example, add 53 points or 100 points.


For the number of contributions, there’s a user_editcount in the user table


It’s not the user_editcount, it’s the user_editcount. What I need is to add it and then click on the “View History” page to see how many points are added.


There is no reputation score in MediaWiki. What you see in the history page is bytes added/removed.


So what is the way to get the number of bytes?