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I want to contribute to Wikimedia via GSoC

I want to contribute to Wikimedia via GSoC… Can I know the process and details…?


@Alphak911 You can learn about the process here: We will list project ideas in a few weeks here:

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Thank you mam.
I have gone through the process.
I know writing bots in python will that help in any way…?

It depends on what mentors are available; in some years, but not all, there has been someone interested in mentoring Pywikibot-related projects.

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In addition to all the brilliant ideas already shared to you @Alphak911, you can also have a look at to see which projects interest you the most and those in charge of the projects.

That is a good starting point into picking a project and it has many other useful resources you may need into beginning your journey into GSoC + Wikimedia! Good luck!

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@Alphak911 You can also join the Zulip stream for GSoC 2020 and Outreachy Round 20. :slight_smile: