Improving topics for future readers


Continuing the discussion from Process for closing topics?:

It would be interesting to see some data on whether people look at existing answers before asking (although I guess the site might be too new yet to have reliable statistics). It’s not worth putting much effort into improving topics once the OP got what they wanted if no one will ever look at them.

OTOH if it is worth improving them then IMO the most important thing would be to make clear the title is clear and sufficiently details (that’s what people will see in site search, in the suggester when writing a new post, that’s what Google will probably weigh up etc).


The focus should be improving our documentation and the ways to find it, though. Pointing to a previously asked question is good. Pointing to the documentation covering that question is better. Not having to point to anything because people find their way thanks to the documentation is the best scenario. :slight_smile: