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Installation for Training including training data




Is there an installation of MediaWiki loaded with training data (Users, Articles, Categories, …) that I can use for trainings? I know of training databases from MySQL or Microsoft but didn’t find any for MediaWiki. Does anyone of such data or installations for MediaWiki?

Thanks for any hint.



Training as in training MediaWiki users? (For what?) Or some kind of machine learning?


Training as in “training for developers”. I’d like to inspect the database of an example MediaWiki installation and do SQL-Queries on the data, e.g. Who did most of the edits? What’s the most popular time for editing? Which articles have most outgoing/incoming links? etc.


I don’t think we have anything like that; exporting / importing data is easy (users, not so much) so you can just try using data from a real wiki (one of the smaller Wikimedia dumps, maybe; they assume the presence of various extensions, though).


I already tried using some of the dumps already. However some data like users is missing and even the smaller dumps are quite big.

However thanks for answering.