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IOS App for Commons




I am one of the volunteers who is helping in maintaining the Commons Android app for the last 2 years.

Recently, I started working on bringing the app to IOS as a lot of people have been asking us about it. We were hoping to make the app live to the Apple app store once the basic upload flow is fully functional. There are a few questions which we are are confused about. It would be great if someone could help.

  • Will the foundation agree to host the app from their official developer account? Having the app published under WMF’s account would be great as it would give the users confidence about the privacy and security aspects of the app. If this requires a code review/audit from a legal perspective we are up for it and would promptly incorporate all feedback.

  • If the answer for the above question is No, then can we host the app using a private developer account(one of our own). Will this require any audits before we publish?

  • If we publish the app using a private account, is there a way to seek permissions for using “Wikimedia” in the app name. It would be great if the app could be named “Wikimedia Commons app”, similar to the Android counterpart.

We have managed to get the basic flow working and here’s the teaser video for people who might be interested. Also, we will soon make the codebase for this app open source. As of now, a few changes are required(obfuscating API keys, etc) before we make it open.


@maskaravivek I believe @cooltey or someone from their team may have an answer for you.


@maskaravivek Just had a quick chat with User:JMinor_(WMF) and here is what I’ve got - it looks like you might be able to use WMF account for app hosting. You can use your personal contact information while developing the app. When you are ready to move it to the app store, directly reach out to him and User:JoeWalsh_(WMF), and they will help you get setup! If you need help in reaching out, let me know!


Thanks a lot Srishti!