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IRC integration


What do you think about setting up IRC integration (announce new Ask Here topics on #mediawiki, and maybe new Site Feedback topics on #wikimedia-devtools)?

There is no IRC plugin for discourse as far as I could find, but the official chat plugin supports Matrix, which has an IRC bridge, so it can be hacked together.


Should be good, it may help to patrol this site easier to detect potential spam earlier, just like we have RC feeds for wikis, etc.


It’s a good idea, I’m very new to this support channel and I may fail to properly monitor it.
Because I have irc notifications in place I think this would greatly help me not to forget to check this site if a question where I could help is posted.


+1 sounds like a good idea.


Filed as T187634.


@qgil could you apply this patch to the discourse-chat-integration plugin while you’re at it?

Upgrading Discourse (this site)

(I moved @Tgr’s post here for better context. “while you’re at it” refers to me upgrading Discourse.)

This is about

@Tgr Sorry, I haven’t applied your patch for several reasons:

  • I don’t know how to do this in a proper git way. This one is the most important. :blush:
  • The discourse-chat-integration plugin has been upgraded as well today, and I wasn’t sure whether your patch was still relevant / functional.
  • I also wondered whether you had sent a pull request to the plugin repository, and if not why.


Just curious, what is the status of chat integration?


The plugin needs to be fixed to meet Freenode policy of not using NOTICE for bot announcements: the patch should be rebased, deployed, the new setting enabled, Freenode asked to unban the bot, then after testing the patch should be submitted upstream.

Other than that I think the plugin did an OK job. The Discourse -> Matrix -> IRC roundtrip is a bit awkward but I don’t remember practical problems from that.


Applied patch via

ssh discourse-mw.discourse.eqiad.wmflabs
cd /var/discourse
sudo vim containers/app.yml
ruby -ryaml -e "p YAML.load(" < containers/app.yml # sanity check
sudo ./launcher rebuild app

The diff for the app.yml edit is

<           - git clone
<           - git clone
<     - exec:
<         cd: $home/plugins/discourse-chat-integration
<         cmd:
<           - git fetch matrix-notice-option && git -c'Cherry-Picker' -c cherry-pick 18b22134c6c29bb3dc302cc694f7e5139dac7b11

That is, added this block to the end of hooks > after_code:

- exec:
     cd: $home/plugins/discourse-chat-integration
       - git fetch matrix-notice-option && git -c'Cherry-Picker' -c cherry-pick 18b22134c6c29bb3dc302cc694f7e5139dac7b11

chat integration matrix use notice is now present in the settings and I have disabled it. We’ll see if that helps.


OK, this means that we need to be aware of this patch whenever this plugin has a new version available, correct?

Have you proposed this patch upstream, or shared the issue we are having with the vanilla version of the plugin?


I made a bug report; I want to test the patch before submitting. As long as it does not conflict with other changes, the launcher should biuld it automatically. (When it does conflict though it won’t be pretty…)


Merged upstream, which means the app.yml change will have to be removed before the next plugin upgrade.


I had to edit app.yml to try to fix and I took the chance to remove the change.


Note that that will break the bot if the app is rebuilt before the patch is out. I don’t know if plugins use the same release cycle as core beta (although it’d seem logical that they do).