Is necessary to run updateSuggesterIndex.php periodically?



The CirrusSearch extension comes with a feature to improve the search suggestions as you type on the search box, which stores those suggestions in its own index. However, I found that this index is not updated as pages are created. The normal search finds new pages, but the search suggestions don’t suggest titles of newly created pages… until I run the updateSuggesterIndex.php maintenance script.

Since there’s no documentation about that, and I expected this index to update automatically, the question is, does the suggester index update automatically (which means it’s somehow broken on my wiki)? Or by design one should the updateSuggesterIndex.php periodically?


The CompletionSuggester index is not designed for realtime updates so the script updateSuggesterIndex.php has to be run periodically, on WMF wikis we run it once a day but if your setup allows it it’s perfectly fine to run it more often.

Sorry for the lack of documentation I’ll try to address this soon.