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Is Wikipedia Considering Developing a Dark Theme?



I would really appreciate a Dark Theme for Wikipedia. As it is I am using a third party app to apply a dark theme to Wikipedia and I would love a native dark theme as the third party app I’m using experiences some errors in the Wikipedia articles I am reading.


Hi there. Are you talking about the Android/iOS app or the website?


“Wikipedia” are many people so that’s impossible to answer. :slight_smile: Some folks have created dark themes for MediaWiki installations (such as Wikipedia), see for example / . I do not think any of their maintainers plan to work towards making their theme available on Wikipedias (via Special:Preferences under Appearance) though.


Timeless devs, one of Wikipedia available skins, are already working on a dark theme. See

See also another request:

Edit: Sorry for digging up that old subject.


Yes, see