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[Issue] Unsupported datatypes when using wikibase-docker api call

Dear experts:
I am now creating new Property using the wikidata Wbeditentity API, I’m running wikibase software via the wikibase-Docker images on my local machine. The following data-types are not supported:

  • math
  • wikibase-sense
  • wikibase-lexeme
  • musical-notation
  • wikibase-form

giving the following exception error: param-illegal: A datatype was expected, but either missing or not recognized. [messages:[{‘name’: ‘wikibase-api-not-recognized-datatype’, ‘parameters’: [], ‘html’: {’*’: ‘A datatype was expected, but either missing or not recognized.’}}]; help:See http://localhost:8181/w/api.php for API usage.

It seems datatypes like Math, lexeme needs to be installed as wikibase extension, eg:

But I’m not familair of how to install the extension on docker image, is there any solution? Or the docker iamges could help support the extended datatypes? Thanks in advance.