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Large tiff files do not pass file verification when uploading to Commons

Hi! I’ve been uploading some tiff files to Commons and some of them keep giving me “This file did not pass file verification” errors, both in the Upload wizard and when uploading via API (pattypan). However, this consistently happens only with files that are at least 200MB in size. All the smaller files in the particular batch of scans have been uploaded successfully, and they have the same kind of metadata etc. as the large files.

Has anyone dealt with such a problem? Here’s an example of a file that does not pass verification (320 MB). Thanks!

When i try it locally, I get the following error for that file:

identify-im6.q16: cache resources exhausted `Anna Norrie, rollporträtt - SMV - NN054.tif’ @ error/cache.c/OpenPixelCache/4083.

Which probably means that image magick is running out of memory trying to read metadata for some reason. Which is weird. tiffinfo can read the metadata for that file fine.

Image magick only seems to hit the memory limit when looking for information on “image transparency channel enabled” (%A), “image class and colorspace”, and “image depth” (Which is only really used to decide if the image is transparent or not).


Anyways, i would recommend filing a bug in against PagedTiffHandler (If you do, please add me in the subscriber field)

Thank you! Filed it here