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Login with Discord (OAuth2)



Can someone give me some tips on where to start for developing an OAuth2 extension to let users of my site login with discord (preferably only with discord). What are the things I need to watch out that are specific to MediaWiki? Are there any articles I can look into to make my life easier?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


To be clear, the OAuth server would be Discord, and users would be redirected there to be authenticated when they try to log in to the wiki, right? (As opposed to e.g. using OAuth to let users authorize the Discord server to edit the wiki under their account, where MediaWiki would be the OAuth server.)

The OAuth2 Client extension can do that. Its code is a bit dated; if you want to write your own extension, GoogleLogin is a better example. The generic documentation on writing a MediaWiki login provider is here.


Thank you. This has been very helpful!