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Mailing list mirrored message misses content misinterpreted as a signature


I see this post about MediaWiki 1.32 release is missing most of the links: [MediaWiki-l] Announcing MediaWiki 1.32.0

Compare with the original:

Maybe Discourse takes the second part of the message as a signature, and omits it

Mirroring mediawiki-l, wikitech-l and other tech mailing lists

It looks like the line of octothorpes is being matched as a delimiter in

I’m not sure if we can override that (although we probably can somehow). I’d rather see it include extraneous signature text than leave stuff out. Here’s someone else finding a similar problem:


Thank you @Ciencia-Al-Poder, this is a good catch.

Hm. Thunderbird and free software email clients in general are smarter than that detecting what is a signature and what is not. I wonder if some algorithm could be ported.


At least it is easy for admins to edit the problematic messages. This is how it looks with a direct copy&paste of the original message. The line of asterisks is transformed into a horizontal line: [MediaWiki-l] Announcing MediaWiki 1.32.0


You made me search this word I had never seen before. You misused it here, but it is fine because thanks to you I have learned something today. :smiley:


I just noticed that there is a setting always_show_trimmed_content that we have disabled (default).

The label says:

Always show trimmed part of incoming emails. WARNING: might reveal email addresses.

I guess enabling this setting disables the trimmer? Should we try?

EDIT: this is a test pilot, so yes, let’s try. Enabling it now.