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[MediaWiki-l] Advice needed for BPM flowchart support for MediaWiki



I am thinking seriously about creating, or at least helping to oversee the
creation of, a MediaWiki extension that lets users create flowcharts for
use in BPM (business process management, or business process modeling). The
extension would most likely be a wrapper around bpmn-js, an open source
JavaScript library that does this sort of thing pretty nicely:

There already is a MediaWiki extension that includes bpmn-js - Cognitive
Process Designer:

However, my understanding is that it no longer works with recent versions
of MediaWiki. Also, I disagree with some of the design decisions made on
that extension, so I think creating a new extension makes sense.

I'm not actually looking for funding or development help at the moment -
though both of those would be great to have - but rather some advice. I'm
looking for people who have dealt with BPM, and would like to be able to
edit and display such charts, and BPM information in general, in a wiki. If
this description fits you, please email me back - I have a bunch of
questions and ideas I want to bounce off other people.



Hi Yaron,

I haven't really dealt with it, but Alexander Gesinn has I guess.

BTW, are your aware of



I know about the Mermaid language (and, to a lesser extent, about the
"Mermaid" extension) - one of my questions, actually, is how Mermaid and
BPMN relate to one another: are they competitors? Or do they do different
things? I haven't been able to find any information about this online.