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[MediaWiki-l] Certifications and Protection Levels

Hello Hive Mind,

I am looking at implementing a Knowledge base, Source Code Manager and Version Controller into our business area. Currently we are using a shared drive to store our files and any other 'notes' we come along. I found it to be too inefficient and not practical in a professional environment where real work needs to be done.

I have been looking at several options and one of our base requirements to get software into our scif is it needs to be PL-3 compliant:

My question, does MediaWiki comply with PL-3?

Thank you,
Chris H.


MediaWiki doesn't have any feature allowing you to share certain page only
with certain individuals, or to deny certain individuals to access a
certain page. According to my (not profficient, heard about PL-3 for the
first time) understanding, this is required by functionality named Access2
in the document.

Even that, Mediawiki allows the admins to close the wiki to only an
authorized group of people. However, there can be only one group of users
for whole wiki instance. According to my understanding of the legal doc you
linked, this is not PL-3 compliant without employing a wikifarm with
potentionally hundreds of instances. Even if you do such work, you'll never
be able to find anything in that, except you know which instance holds this
information you're looking for. In that case, you'll likely know the
information itself.

Best regards,

Martin Urbanec does the trick