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[MediaWiki-l] Create page through api very slow



We have a wiki on which we create pages through the api. One category of pages, ‘Person’ pages take much longer than other pages.

The calls look like this:


takes 1.1 seconds to complete, where:


takes 7.4 seconds.

So we don’t see any significant difference. Also the templates are not very special. The difference is very consistent.

We use:
MW 1.27.4
Cargo 2.0.1
And some other extensions that shouldn’t have anything to do with this.

Does anyone have a tip on how to find out what is causing this difference in performance?

Thanks in advance!



Possibly your templates perform some Cargo queries over all
persons/organizations. Does your wiki happen to have approximately
7 times more persons than organizations? :slight_smile:


Indeed there is a difference there and there were. Hidden in forms that don't show up when you open the page.
You're making an important point that we didn't realize well. That is that an api call that creates a page is only finished after the page is fully parsed. And when you go to that page afterwards the page is - in our case - parsed again.
We removed the forms and are looking at 0,8 seconds now __


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