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[MediaWiki-l] Download of MediaWiki and 1.30?



yesterday I tried for the first time to download 1.32.0 [0] and just
now. However it is not working for me. Am I the only one?

While I am at it: When will the EOL of 1.30 be announced and the last
release with all the backports since 1.30.1 be done?

Cheers Karsten


Edit: I am unable to reply to this thread. No reply button, etc. Thus I am answering here. I am not using curl or wget, I cklick on the link on and expect the browser to download it.


Works for me with your link. What is the debug output of wget or curl when you try?


@kghbln I think the lack of a reply button here is because this thread started on the mediawiki-l mailing list, but is now on Discourse. So Discourse admins can reply, but no one else. Probably, we should continue the thread on the mailing list instead of here.





thanks for checking on your end.

I tested again this morning and it was still not working for me on
Firefox. The browser just did not detect anything to download and
frantically tried to download 0 bytes of 0 bytes with open end. Chrome
was indeed working at that time. The reason why I asked is that Firefox
was at the same time working for me for other files on the internet,
e.g. downloading Piwik/Matomo etc. so I figured it may be an issue
providing just that file.

Something must have changed because now it is working again. Since I was
away nothing changed on my end. A bit strange but I am happy that things
appear to be in fluff again.

Cheers, Karsten