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[MediaWiki-l] Introducing: Professional.Wiki

Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce the launch of our new wiki company:
Professional.Wiki <>.

Professional.Wiki's mission is to provide customer-focused wiki services
that are both holistic and of high quality. Because of our strong
involvement in the MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki worlds over the last
ten years, we can provide a unique set of professional services to
companies that have a wiki or want to use one.

Our services <>cover all your wiki
needs, including wiki hosting <>,
wiki setup and creation, wiki management, training, advice, professional
support and custom development.

To celebrate our launch we provide a limited time discount on our
hosting plans. Contact us <>before
May 20th, 2019 to get a 20% discount on one of our hosting plans. All
our hosting plans <>include free
professional support and Semantic MediaWiki.

Subscribe to our mailing list <>to
receive tips and tricks, wiki news and exclusive promotions. Please also
follow us on Twitter <>.

We will remain involved in the community, contributing to the software,
documentation and discourse. Indeed, we hope to introduce more companies
to the wonders of wikis and thus strengthen both the community and

For more information, please visit our website Professional.Wiki
<>or contact us

Karsten and Jeroen

This seems to me to be an advertisement for commercial services that was
sent to a mailing list that is operated by a nonprofit and is intended for
MediaWiki system administrators. The description if the mailing list is
"This is a multilingual list for help/support with running/configuring
MediaWiki. It is intended for people who are running wikis with the
MediaWiki software and for announcements of new versions, bug fixes, and
security issues." It seems to me that advertising commercial services here
is well outside of the intended purposes of this list, and is a misuse of
Wikimedia Foundation resources.

( )


At the risk of starting an unnecessary argument, let me say that I think
this kind of email is fine. Paid support is a form of help/support, so even
though the mailing list description doesn't specifically list consulting as
one of the allowed topics, it seems to me that it fits within the "spirit
of the law", if not the letter ( Of course,
spamming the list is never a good idea, but a single email sent to announce
a new consulting company seems fine - and, of course, potentially useful to
people looking for help.

(Full disclosure: I too am a consultant. And I know Jeroen and Karsten.)


Fwiw, Im of the opinion that its borderline but ok.

I would be annoyed if there was subsequent advertisements for this service.
Or if there were a lot of these types of messages on this list. But an
initial announcement of a new wiki hosting service with wide applicability
that is being run by people well known in the mediawiki ecosystem seems ok
to me for this list.

Continuing this is unrelated to the list thread, if you would like to
continue this discussion, please create a new thread with a descriptive
subject relating to your email.

Pine, I hope WMF Legal won't care and won't comment. They likely have
better things to spend time on than telling a community how they may or
may not define the scope of one of the community mailing lists.

As a general reminder,
exists, is linked from the frontpage, and welcomes edits
(which has already happened in this case).


Hi Karsten and Jeroen

We are happy to announce the launch of our new wiki company:
Professional.Wiki <>

Good luck to yor new business!
And thanks for all you did do before - and after :slight_smile:

Bests, Markus