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[MediaWiki-l] load.php gives different data through Cloudfront than directly


I have a work wiki (running 1.27) that I'm trying to put through AWS Cloudfront.

So far it appears to work through Cloudfront! Except that load.php
gives different data through Cloudfront, and I get an unstyled page,
and load.php's entire output seems to be:

/* This file is the Web entry point for MediaWiki's ResourceLoader:
   <>. In this request,
   no modules were requested. Max made me put this here. */

If I go directly to the wiki server, load.php gives all the stuff one
would expect.

Cache TTL is set to 0 while I try to get this working.

Lots of other people run MediaWiki through Cloudfront okay. What
simple thing have I missed here?

(I'm configuring Cloudfront with Terraform, if that helps.)

- d.


My initial guess would be that the query string is getting stripped. The
behavior here is configurable--you're looking for the Forwarded Values
config in TF.



And that was it! Knew it'd be something super-simple. Thank you!

(And I *should* have picked up this one, 'cos it showed in previous
experiments with CF by hand rather than via TF ...)

- d.