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[MediaWiki-l] New Code of Conduct committee candidates

The committee has finished selecting new members and the new committee
candidates are (In alphabetical order):

   - Amir Sarabadani
   - Lucie-Aimée Kaffee
   - MusikAnimal
   - Tonina Zhelyazkova
   - Tony Thomas

And auxiliary members will be (In alphabetical order):

   - Huji
   - Matanya
   - Nuria Ruiz
   - Rosalie Perside
   - Tpt

You can read more about the members in [0]

The changes are:
* Nuria and Rosalie are moving from main member to auxilary members
* MusikAnimal is moving from auxilary member to main
* Tonina Zhelyazkova is joining the main members

This is not the final structure. According to the CoC [1], the current
committee publishes the new members and call for public feedback for *six
weeks* and after that, the current committtee might apply changes to the
structure based on public feedback.

Please let the committee know if you have any concern regarding the members
and its structure until *19 June 2019* and after that, the new committee
will be in effect and will serve for a year.


Amir, On behalf of the Code of Conduct committee