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[MediaWiki-l] noob question: how to get a basic "Note" template to work?



I am slightly embarrassed to ask this but I am a total web dev noob and after a lot of searching online I still can't figure out how to deploy the most basic template for a "Note" template as seen here. <>
All the docs I can find talk about writing your own templates or exporting/importing them from other pages etc.

Is this actually required to get simple note box going like the examples on the above page (coloured box with simple icon)?
I would have thought this sort of basic stuff is included in the default installation but clearly I am missing something.

Any help would be appreciated.



Hi Bryan,

this is precisely the missing documentation I was trying to find, thank you so much!
I was on the right track (editing the template page manually) but didn't know how to pass the use input.

This should be part of the official docs I reckon.

Thanks again, you made my day :slight_smile: