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[MediaWiki-l] [OPENZIM] MWoffliner 1.9 released


We have published a new version of MWoffliner: the MediaWiki scraper.
Version 1.9 is - like always - available here:

This new release contains again big improvements in term of performance.
MWoffliner 1.9 does require a lot less memory than in earlier version
thanks to the release of new libzim 5.0.0 which happens a few days ago.
Beside this a new experimental feature as been introduced: the scraping
of categories.

Here is the detailed changelog:
* NEW: Implement basic category scraping (#15)
* UPDATE: Update node-libzim (and libzim) to improve memory usage (#706)
* UPDATE: Increase default scrape "speed" (#744)
* UPDATE: Report on failed article downloads ()
* UPDATE: Retry all failed media downloads at the end of scrape (#723)
* UPDATE: Re-introduce --useCache option (#700)
* UPDATE: Reduce system dependencies (#681)
* UPDATE: Use native <details> element for collapsible sections in ZIM
files (#677)
* FIX: Update article title logic (#605)
* FIX: Logging format improvements (#662)
* FIX: Redis clearing improved (#732, #731, #448)
* FIX: Text only article list main page background colour fixed (#728)
* FIX: Resource relative url improvement (#726)

This is the fourth milestone of a few we have planned with the support
of the WMF.

Like always, PR and bug reports are welcome at: