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[MediaWiki-l] Reset password mail wont send


At my wiki Special:PasswordReset

I receive the error message:

A password reset email has already been sent, within the last 24 hours. To
prevent abuse, only one password reset email will be sent per 24 hours.

The problem is that it's been far longer than 24 hours since the last
password reset email was requested (or sent). Can I force send the email?

Greg Rundlett


You could temporarily set $wgPasswordReminderResendTime to a lower value than 24.


if you can do that you may have access to just use the changePassword.php maintenance script.


In case you are the system admin and have access to the MediaWiki directory
on the host, you can do the following

open a shell and enter the following commands:

cd path\to\your\mediawiki\maintenance
php changePassword.php ––user="youruser" ––password="Your new password"

If you have no access, ask the admin to do so and change your password
afterwords, of course.


Thanks Bartosz,

That is a variable I didn't know about:$wgPasswordReminderResendTime

I actually used maintenance/CreateAndPromote.php
<> to force set a
new password; and instructed the user to login and change it.

Note: the user didn't receive any reset emails because the site IP address
was listed on at least one RBL and their email service provider
dropped/blocked the email messages. After a delay, I received the bounce
notifications in my spam folder (using GMail as my service provider).

~ Greg

Greg Rundlett <>