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Merge Discourse users with different email addresses


Ehm. I guess I need to use the same email address on mediawiki-l and here, in order to connect with my account here when i post from the mailinglist ?

They differ for me, and I can’t register multiple email addresses it seems. Not a terrible thing, just an FYI.

Mirroring mediawiki-l, wikitech-l and other tech mailing lists

Hm, good point. Apparently the backend to add additional email addresses for users is in place, but not the frontend:

@thedj We could try to add your second email address as a test, and see what happens.


Actually, it seems that we should look at this instead:

Discourse creates staged user accounts for posts coming from mailing lists with email addresses not found in the system (example). This means that we cannot add a second email address to @TheDJ because it is already taken by the staged user “Derk-Jan_Hartman”. Instead, “Derk-Jan_Hartman” should be merged into @TheDJ.

What it is not clear to me is what is the end result. Do we have one user with two email addresses assigned, allowing new MediaWiki-l emails to be correctly assigned to the new user? Or is this a one-time merger, the second email address is lost, and a new staged user will be created when a new email from MediaWiki-l arrives?

@TheDJ is it ok if we test with your two users?


Go right ahead. sigh… i need more characters in order to post this :slight_smile:


It worked! Now your post to MediaWiki-l appears authored by @TheDJ and it is reflected in your user profile.

In the admin view of your user profile you have now a primary address (the one you registered with here) and a secondary one (the one you use for MediaWiki-l. Therefore, future emails sent to MediaWiki-l should just appear here as sent by the one and only @TheDJ. :wink:


Cool. Just so you know, my profile settings view still only shows a single email address, so the admin view and the user view are not equal in that respect.


I wonder what happens if you merge two users who have external authentication with the same provider. Will both keep working?