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Mirroring mediawiki-l, wikitech-l and other tech mailing lists


Importing a mailing list doesn’t seem to be very complex. Also, importing several lists doesn’t seem to be much more work than importing one.

Still, the process may take long and during the import Discourse must be stopped. And it may take quite a bit of extra space and resources. In other words, I would try this in a separate clean Discourse instance.


This might pose a problem as well:

I wonder whether forwarding an email to mediawiki-l will reproduce this problem or not.


See the reply received. Forwards do work, but they may appear in a way that you don’t expect. I still think we should try a forward to a mirrored mailing list, because there the behavior might be just replicating the email as is.


We should probably set up a test mailing list instead of spamming real ones or just waiting for someone to fortuituously doing the same thing we want to test.