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Past the 50 users mark

Since yesterday, Discourse knows 51 registered users. This number is not very relevant, but it is not arbitrary either. As soon as Discourse counts 50 registered users, trust level 0 is activated for new accounts (until now newcomers would get TL1 automatically. Still not very relevant, but I felt like celebrating this mark. :wink:

Also, it is a good occasion to peek into the Admin Dashboard. This is when these 51 users came:

First we see the silent launch, then the “big” peak for the announcement, and then after a short hiatus a more progressive increase probably due to word of mouth and the first links added in the right places. Since this instance was born, the only day that went by without registrations was January 13, a Sunday (fair enough).

Now I’m curious about how long it will take to reach the 100 users mark. :star_struck:


Came here from announcement in “Tech News” newsletter.
Always wanted to try out discourse, but none of my communities used it.


It took 28 days. :slight_smile:

I will take this chance to write a short recap of these first weeks of this pilot and share it in our main developer channels.


User 200 registered on July 15: @Johnywhy

The last user registered is @Namenlos, who yesterday became user number 212.

200 users can be considered a critical mass of potential users. Now let’s see how is the activity going:

Pageviews, I’m not sure how relevant they are in this world full of bots. The high peak might be legit though if we consider that the Hackathon and GSoC/Outreachy had high activity around that time:


Visits of registered users. This should be more meaningful, and the graph shows a clear trend. Time to promote this space again?


Time to first response is closely related to the support function of this forum. The time is counted in hours and refers to the #ask-here category only. Caveat: the numbers don’t reflect topics without response. Those high peaks are old topics that finally receive a first response. All in all it seems that topics are receiving a first response fairly quickly (the data doesn’t show whether the responses solve the question or not):


If you are interested in more metrics I will try to fish them out of the admin interface when available.

It would be interesting to run some lightweight survey to see why registered traffic is dropping (and at a glance unregistered traffic is following the same trend, apart from the huge spikes). Was it dominated by promotion driving lightweight users? (Probably not, the rate of questions is also dropping.) Did users not find the site useful? Are they just out of questions? Did the tech advice IRC steal the thunder?

Being a pilot that hasn’t been heavily promoted, I find these metrics mildly interesting, but just mildly. The purpose of the pilot is to see whether this tool is the right one and whether developers with questions can find this place, get an account, ask, and receive answers. The quantity and diversity of developer profiles and topics make me think that this objective has been achieved.

Right now I’d rather put our time pushing this pilot to production and promoting it well across all our developer channels.

It seems that chart images are missing.

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Thank you for noticing @Papuass! This morning I was about reading about this bug:

I will upgrade tomorrow in my morning. This time clicking a button is not enough and the whole web app must be rebuild from the command line.

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It took me more than three months to upgrade, but for some reason the images don’t appear here yet.

Anyway, if really needed we can just take those screenshots again.

As of today, we are 234 users. This forum was created one year ago.