Polishing the header of this site


Hi, after the last upgrade, now for some reason the “Wikimedia Developer Support” header appears in two lines. Not so elegant.

We could do two things to improve the header:

  1. Convert that plaintext into a logo. It could be the Wikimedia logo + “Developer Support”
  2. Install Brand header theme component, which would allow us to add links to the header.


The footer also needs some styling. It is not pretty on desktop, but on mobile it breaks in multiple lines.


Oh, the footer is easier. If someone volunteers the footer with the HTML / CSS needed, we can just edit it.


That would be nice (we want a handy link to mw.org and Phabricator at least), but unrelated to the linebreak issue. I added some custom CSS to fix that (couldn’t figure out what constrains the width of the logo box, but fortunately the inner margin was just big enough that removing it makes it fit in one line; cleaner approach welcome). The fix would have to be applied to every theme separately, though. (That’s a problem with other site customizations as well - the dark theme does not have the copyright footer, for example.)


Tried to make the footer a little less shabby, too.