Promoting this communication channel


Hey all,
What do you think about promoting this channel via the /r/MediaWiki subreddit and the MediaWiki Twitter and Facebook accounts? I can post something encouraging folks to join us here if ya’ll think that’s a good idea.

First time Discourse poster, be kind. :slight_smile:

Announcing the new Wikimedia Developer Support channel

+1 from me! :slight_smile:

We mentioned this site lots during the weekly volunteer tech support IRC hour also!


Comms was also interested to help and (maybe prematurely?) I advised them to wait. Maybe it is better to start promotion beyond the Wikimedia boundaries when we have more topics about developers asking questions than about #site-feedback?

There is only one chance to cause a first impression.

A different thing is whether you see someone asking a developer question in Twitter mentioning @MediaWiki. In this case a reply pointing here would be great.

Does this all make sense?


There is also a Facebook group, a web forum and apparently even a Discord channel. (You’d expect these to be listed on the social MW page but no.)


There’s a Discord channel too‽

I understand @qgil’s concerns over making a good first impression and don’t want to mess that up. For the pilot to be successful I feel we also need to achieve critical mass.

Part of my struggle in knowing what is appropriate to support this pilot with other mediums is understanding where our audiences are coming from. Is the Discord channel developer focused? The web forum Tgr mentions seems to cover users and sysadmins. Should we reach out in places that aren’t dev-specific? Like the MediaWiki social accounts?

I feel like for this pilot to be successful we need to direct potential developers here from venues where they show up asking for help. For instance. the /r/mediawiki channel on Reddit is pretty close to a ghost town. Would it be smart to put a note up on a few of these venues saying, “Got a dev question, go here?” and point folks to the Discourse?

What are ya’lls thoughts?


I don’t think is completely dead, and yeah advertising this site there sounds like a great idea. Same with Both places have people who are already looking for MediaWiki discussion, and so it feels like a softer start than going out and advertising more broadly.


I think these are fine places to advertise (not necessarily now but once we feel the kinks have been ironed out). Even if something is a ghost town, it does not mean people don’t try to look there.

The big places though are the support desk and StackOverflow. Although I imagine advertising at the latter might be some kind of ToS violation. Maybe pointing at similar answered questions on discourse would not qualify as spam.


For the immediate next steps, what about starting with our own house (Wikimedia)?

Just yesterday I proposed @srishakatux and @aklapper to promote actively this space in the places where new developers tend to land (i.e. the wave of GSoC / Outreachy potential candidates that is about to arrive).

I asked in’s Support desk days ago but got no response yet. Agreeing the next steps with the maintainers of that channel is an objective priority. I appreciate a lot the dedication of those volunteers and, in fact, I believe their work would be simpler and more effective here (a hypothesis that needs proof, and hence this pilot among other reasons).

Next Monday’s Tech News edition is announcing this space. Good.

Then, what about a MassMessage to all Technical Village Pumps?

I believe a good potential audience for this new space are volunteers dealing with bots / template / gadgets in Wikimedia projects, frequently not knowing where to ask.

I also wonder about professional developers (i.e. Wikimedia Foundation’s). Should we promote more this space among them? It’s been a long time since an email to wikitech-l was enough to reach everybody. Professional developers also have developer questions, and many of them are also “new”, some of them literally new to MediaWiki/Wikimedia technologies, and some are kind of new when they have to jump out of their usual areas of work and expertise.


We are now promoting the ask-here category of this forum on the MediaWiki’s Google Summer of Code 2018 and Outreachy Round 16 page. Hoping that we will receive a lot of new developers queries here in the upcoming days!
We could also do a similar promotion on the mw:New_Developers and mw:How_to_contribute pages.


I just found out about this website, I was asking my questions on stackoverflow for the past week (not the best environment to get mediawiki answers). Is there a page somewhere with all the links for support? Like IRC channels, their purpose, phabricator, etc?

I encourage making some promotion for this, when I installed mediawiki at the beginning of the week I was afraid I was going to be all alone :stuck_out_tongue: silly me.


@extarys Glad to have you here! More helpful information and other ways to contact the Wikimedia developer community is here: (see the bottom of this page).

Our discourse channel is pretty new, and we are in the testing phase, and that’s why it is slightly less promoted at the moment. But, if you have any questions about MediaWiki installation, please feel free to ask here. While I type this, I see you already have done so :slight_smile: Happy using our support channel!


Now that we have a secure authentication method, maybe we could disable password-based logins (so we don’t need huge disclaimer lists like this) and promote the site more aggressively (IRC banner, link from the support desk, MediaWiki sidebar etc).

(Older discussion was here.)


That link won’t work for people that arn’t already on the server, you need to create a invite.


The MediaWiki discord invite is (as documented on

(And apparently there is also a Wikimedia discord, which has a #technical channel.)


Works for me. Let’s say that if nobody has done this before, I will do it at the hackathon.

Turning off local registration is easy, but I want some extra time to update the related documentation.


Done. If you want to discuss anything else related to registration/login, let’s do it in this other thread: