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Querying Wikidata using Jena, app freezes after the 5th query


Hello ! When using Jena, I am unable to reliably query wikidata. No matter the query, the process will inevitably hang after the fifth query, without any error messages, no timeout, no information. These are very simple queries, usually searching the entity matching a certain rdfs:label.

I am querying on “”, is this a known issue ? I had trouble finding information about this problem.

I apologize if this is not the right place to ask this question.
Thank you very much,


Hi @TheMarmottin! Are you running these queries sequentially or in parallel? According to the user manual, there is a limit of 5 parallel queries per IP, so you might be encountering that.

(A better place to ask this question might be Wikidata talk:SPARQL query service or the user manual talk page, there are probably more people watching those places.)


Hi ! I am running them sequentially, i handle the results of one request before running another. Thanks for the suggestion !