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Re: [MediaWiki-l] [Semediawiki-user] interior maps extension

Hi Rich,

I agree that being able to use an image-as-map makes a lot of sense, and it
surprised me how little usage it got when it was still a feature, and how
little discussion it got afterward. Nonetheless, that's how it went.

Whatever the benefits or drawbacks of another extension coming in and
providing this functionality, I doubt it'll happen, given the track record.

It actually would be fairly easy to add this feature back in, I think...
you would just need to add a parameter like "image layer=" to the relevant
tags in Page Forms, Cargo and/or Maps (ideally all three), which would use
the functionality that already exists in OpenLayers and Leaflet. It might
not take more than a few hours, actually, depending on how complicated the
APIs are. But this looks pretty simple, for example:

So who knows, maybe your request would be enough to kickstart this feature.

Unrelated to that, it's also great that you're interested in the business
process management stuff I mentioned on the mailing list before. I'm still
very interested in adding functionality for that, but we'll see how it
goes. Thanks!


Hi Rich,

I thought maybe you meant that both questions were equally important. :slight_smile:

I think "Add Image Overlay" is a Google Maps feature that's not related to
what we're talking about. I could be wrong, though.

As for the specifics of implementing this feature - we should probably talk
about this "offline". But I'm glad you asked about it publicly, so that I
can state that I'm very happy to help anyone who wants to improve any of my
extensions. And I'm certainly looking forward to having this useful
capability be supported again.