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Resolving redirects using action=edit API

I am an Outreachy applicant and I am working on documenting the result values and their structure of API:Edit. I read a possible result value could be redirects but i do not understand how this API creates redirects using batched params. What role does prependtext, appendtext and section parameters have to play here? Its confusing, please can someone clarify me.

Creating a redirect page with the api is the same as creating a redirect page using the normal text editor from the web interface. It requires to replace the contents of the page with #REDIRECT [[pagename]]

For more information about redirects, see:

Not sure I understand your question - the edit API does not do any batching.

The redirect input parameter tells the API that when the page specified via the title or pageid parameter is a redirect, it should edit the target of the redirect, not the redirect page itself. When that happens, there will be a redirects output field which contains something like { "from": <title provided by the user>, "to": <redirect target> }.

I guess you are asking about the

if ( $params['prependtext'] === null && $params['appendtext'] === null
    && $params['section'] !== 'new'
) {
    $this->dieWithError( 'apierror-redirect-appendonly' );

code block here? What would you like to know, exactly, beyond what the error message already tells you?

How redirects are represented depends on the content type. For wikitext pages, a redirect is

#REDIRECT [[SomePage]]

For Javascript pages, a redirect is

/* #REDIRECT */ mw.loader.load( 'https://my.domain/w/index.php?title=SomePage.js&action=raw&ctype=text/javascript' );

Etc. But that’s not what the edit API’s redirect parameter or redirects output field is about; the API actually does not provide any support for constructing redirects. (Granted, the web interface doesn’t either. So yeah, it’s basically the same.)