RSS feed of posts here


If anyone’s looking for the RSS feed of latest posts here, it’s

I’m not sure why it’s not being exposed as a <link /> in Discourse’s HTML…


Actually, as usual I’m confused:

If you go to the homepage and then click ‘latest’ (in Firefox at least) you don’t get the browser indication that there’s a feed. But if you go to then you do! And it’s … and it seems that pretty much anywhere in Discourse, you can add .rss to the URL to get a feed.


You beat me replying to yourself. :smiley:

Yes, Discourse has RSS feeds all over. In fact this is a feature that I want to propose for the homepage and a feature that we could exploit to add feeds to specific project / topic pages whenever there is a category or tag for them.


About the feeds for user activity, they can be used to add a RSS feed in your personal blog, making your hard work here more visible.

<daydreaming>I wonder if it would be technically feasible to create a MediaWiki template that users could add to their User pages to highlight their own activity here.</daydreaming>

Anyway, as @samwilson says, if you find a page that looks interesting to track, just add .rss to the URL and chances are…

EDITED: documented at

A gadget for users to show their feed in their MediaWiki user page?

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#5 seems useful (could be included in general answer pages like the support desk so people can keep track of what’s discussed here). I don’t feel there is much value in whitelisting any of the other URLs (performance concerns aside). Tags maybe, in the future, when there are many new questions a day… but for now not even that. Personal activity streams just don’t feel that useful to me.