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Set initial trust level based on external account


In StackExchange you start with 100 reputation (not much but enough to use basic features like commenting) if you have an account with high reputation on another StackExchange site. It would be cool if we could do something like that - look at Wikimedia edit count or Phabricator activity and the start the user with trust level 1 if they don’t look like a beginner.


The jump from 0 to 1 is so trivial for real users that I am not sure it is worth the hypothetical effort.


You need to read at least 30 posts to get trust level 1, which seems like an entirely unnecessary hoop to make people trying to ask a question jump through (the harder part of which is figuring out that that requirement exists). And if you don’t jump through it, you are obstructed in asking the question - you cannot post attachments, there is a link limit, and an image limit. (The other limitations should not be problematic for a new user.)


Can/should we reduce that to 1 topic and 1 post? That seems like it would avoid some bots, but still keep from hitting most users.


No strong opinion. This is a pilot so we can experiment and revert if needed without having to apologize much.


Comments like this are still getting held up in moderation and causing confusion, so we should take one of those options.


I’m not sure why such comment was held in moderation. Was it really because Arlolra had trust level 0? Note that cscott posted basically the same having TL0, or was that message caught in moderation too?

Note that TL1 also requires at least 10 minutes reading.

As of today…

  • min trust to post links: 0 - New user
  • min trust to post images: 0 - New user

If we keep getting messages in moderation that shouldn’t have been caught and we get no actual spam / vandalism, then a cleaner option may be to skip TL0 altogether and grant TL1 to new users. We have already one filter requiring registration through Phabricator and GitHub.


Ah, actually:

Do you want to try for and addresses?


I can’t recall.

No. (You can click on the ellipsis, then admin wrench, then moderation history to check. Unfortunately it does not record the reason for the message being held. Might be worth a feature request.)

I see no reason not to. But I’m more worried about retention of newbie developers with an established wiki history than retention of WMF staff :slight_smile:


OK, now users will get Trust Level 1 after only 1 topic read, 1 post read, and 2 minutes of reading. Let’s see what happens.


Now that I have accessed the discourse.mediawiki mailbox, I think I know what happened. cscott replied to a Discourse notification CCing his team mailing list as well. Then Arlo replied to that email from his email account, Discourse had no idea about that user sending that email and this is why his post was held in moderation. Later, Arlo created an account whit the same email address, and the email got assigned to his new user. Pretty smart, huh?

It can even be smarter if we want. We can allow incoming messages from anonymous users, which will let pass posts in situations like this one. Or someone simply posting a question sending an email without being subscribed. This creates a special type of “staged” users that allows them to receive replies t their thread via email and nothing more. If they ever want to register, their posts will be assigned to their new username.

This opens the door to spam and easy vandalism of course, but Discourse has its own filters… If someone is interested in trying out this feature let’s open a new thread and discuss.